Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vinegar's Fruity Merits

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When grapes become red-wine vinegar, you get more than a salad-dressing staple: The disease-fighting phytochemicals in the fruit may become even more potent during the fermenting process, according to a study from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Other fruits are finding their way into vinegar, too; apricot, blacurrant and cherry are among the newest varieties.

How to cook with them:
Top chefs use fruit vinegars as flavor boosters for anything that needs a sharp, clean lift -- from a splash of balsamic on roasted butternut squash to a raspberry-vinegar glaze over poached pears with vanilla ice cream. Plus, they shine on salads with fruits, nuts or blue cheese. And you can use them instead of wine to deglaze a pan.

How to make your own:
You could pay $10 to $55 a bottle of gourmet fruit vinegar in store -- or try the following simple recipe, instead: Heat store-bought wine vinegar to below the boiling point, toss in a handful of berries, refrigerate the mix for a few weeks, then strain out the fruit and enjoy!

by Janis Graham

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